10 Unusual Investments



Investing in toys is not child's play. Many people invest in games, dolls and other toys for nostalgic reasons. Older toys never seem to lose their appeal. For example, stuffed bears made by Germany's Margarete Steiff are the crème de la crème of the plush world. A circa 1905 16-inch Steiff cinnamon bear is worth as much as $10,000 [source: Miller].

A good thing to remember is that what is in demand today may not be in demand tomorrow (think Beanie Babies). Use your noggin. Decide which toys you want. Read price guides. Keep up on trends. Rummage through antique stores, flea markets and tag sales. When you find a toy, keep it in its box or container because condition is everything. Chipped, broken or well-used toys are not as valuable as the same toy in mint condition. Attend auctions and know your market. One last tip: Don't play with your toys. Keep them out of harm's way (read: your children's hands).