10 Unusual Investments


Sports Memorabilia/Collectibles

It has happened more than once. You move out of the house and your mom throws your vaunted baseball card collection into the trash. She might as well have thrown out a sack filled with money because over the last 30 years or so, the value of rare sports memorabilia and collectibles has steadily risen.

Keep in mind that serious investors don't fall in love with the objects they buy and sell. The key to making money is to sever any emotional attachment. Like any investment, supply and demand dictate price. No matter the sport, learn what has increased in value. Start small and spend what you can afford. Invest in a variety of sports items. Autographed items by valued players always bring in good prices. Be on the lookout for rarities, such as 19th-century baseball memorabilia. Very few objects from this era have survived [source: Wong]. Know which athletes are hot, which are not. Know who is on their way up. And know there are risks: Today's hot player might be a bust next season.