10 Hobbies That Can Pay Off


Writing and Editing

If writing is your passion, there are several ways you can use this skill to make money. First, you can throw your hat in the ring as a freelance writer. Web sites, magazines and newspapers pay freelance writers for articles, and compensate either with a flat rate or by the word, although a flat rate is most common. Some Web sites also pay based on page views or advertising clicks. Another way to use your writing online is to start a blog, where you can earn money by selling ads on your site. If you're a great marketer, you can keep earning money from your advertisements long after your initial effort to write the article or blog. If this kind of writing isn't for you, try selling your skills to various businesses and corporations. It's common for them to outsource proposals, brochures, and even speech writing to contract or freelance writers. Set up interviews with local businesses and take writing samples with you. You may even consider marketing your skills to local graphic designers, who can recommend you to their current clients.

Finance Planning Tips

Here are some tips to help you with generating income and planning for the future.

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