10 Hobbies That Can Pay Off



"I would pay someone to just come in here and get me organized!" Who hasn't muttered these exact words while searching for a receipt to complete their taxes or while standing in their closet trying to select an outfit for the day? If you're good at and enjoy organizing things, you're one lucky duck. So share your talent with the rest of us hopelessly unorganized souls -- for a small fee, of course. Put up ads on community boards, offer your services to friends of friends and have business cards made that you can hand out. You can also market your skills to local real estate agents as an unpacking and organization resource to new homeowners. And ask your clients to recommend you to their friends -- word of mouth marketing is free and can be lucrative, especially if your work speaks for itself.

Finance Planning Tips

Here are some tips to help you with generating income and planning for the future.

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