10 Hobbies That Can Pay Off



Baking is a talent and a science many people envy. If you're lucky enough to have the skills to excel at -- and even enjoy -- baking, you might want to take advantage and make some money at it. The majority of people who can't cook are usually willing to pay big bucks for bakers to provide their services. Start out by offering your baked goods at small art fairs or nonprofit events for free, and pass out your business card and ask for recommendations. If you're lucky, you might catch the attention of a local writer covering the event. Selling your baked goods as a catering service at events does require licensing and insurance, as well as a good bit of research. But there are easier options: Sell your goods on the weekends at local farmers' markets. As long as you're selling baked goods that don't spoil (like cream pies, etc.) you don't need a license to sell at most farmers' markets, although some do require you meet their standards and guidelines to be accepted [source: mt.gov]. If you stick to one or two items and do them well -- breads and muffins, for example -- invest in a creative logo and packaging, and set up a plate of samples, your products should sell themselves.

Finance Planning Tips

Here are some tips to help you with generating income and planning for the future.

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