10 Things Hotels Don't Want You to Know


Your Room Isn't as Clean as It Looks

How clean is your hotel's bathrooms?
How clean is your hotel's bathrooms?

One of the side benefits to staying in a hotel is that it comes with service. You don't have to make your bed, vacuum or clean the bathroom -- someone else does everything for you. But as tidy as it might look, is it really clean? It's important to remember that hundreds of people pass through an average hotel room over the course of a year, and that it's practically impossible to erase all evidence of a room's prior occupants. On the whole, that's nothing to worry about. But there are a few places in your hotel room that merit a bit more caution.

Drinking glasses, for example -- you might not want to trust that they've been properly cleaned. Fox News reported in 2007 that a hidden camera investigation of several Atlanta hotels revealed that glasses often go unwashed, or else treated with potentially harmful substances.

Save yourself the worry and bring along your own cup.