10 Things Hotels Don't Want You to Know


Don't Believe Everything You Read

Do a little research about the hotel's location before you make a reservation.
Do a little research about the hotel's location before you make a reservation.

Hotel reservations are usually made sight unseen. So, you have to rely on the information the hotel offers through its Web site. And of course, those Web sites are designed to make you want to stay at that particular location, so they might not be entirely honest.

Travel columnist and former hotel employee Amy Bradley-Hole advises potential hotel guests to do their homework, first. If a hotel is listed as "minutes away" from a particular attraction or location, what does that really mean? Plot it out on Google Maps to see if that translates to "60 minutes on foot" or "10 minutes in a cab." Figuring that out before you book can save you an unpleasant surprise once you arrive.

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