Top 10 Study Tips for the GRE

Come Up with a Test Strategy

As we discussed previously, you'll want to move through the exam as quickly and confidently as possible to receive higher-scoring questions and still finish on time. This means that you'll need strategies for dealing with questions that you're unsure about.

For the writing section, the best strategy is to have a set routine for collecting your thoughts so you won't become flustered or disorganized during the exam. For the quantitative and verbal sections, where every question is multiple choice, you'll want strategies that will help you eliminate answer choices as fast as possible so that you can at least make a confident guess.

For quantitative questions, you can plug in the answers provided rather than try to develop the answer on your own. For verbal questions, where answers can be less concrete, consider the opposite strategy of formulating an answer in your head and then selecting the option that's the best match. That way you can use key word characterizations such as parts of speech and verb tenses to narrow down your choices.

In the end, the best way to cope with each section and question will be whatever feels most comfortable for you, which is why practicing the exam is so important.

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