How to Save Money on Name-brand Clothes

Cheap Name-brand Clothing Articles Worth Buying

As any shoe-loving woman can tell you, name-brand footwear is worth buying.
As any shoe-loving woman can tell you, name-brand footwear is worth buying.
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As any fashion-conscious person can tell you, certain accessories and articles of clothing can make or break an outfit. If you can find chic add-ons for a reasonable price, some pieces are worth a little extra cash. For example, although shirts and dresses tend to go out of style pretty quickly, items like handbags, shoes, jeans, belts and bras can be worn for multiple seasons. The changes in style to such items are more subtle to the untrained eye, so unless you're hanging around Vera Wang, it's not likely anyone's going to notice the difference. Skirts and coats are also a good investment, but length and cut often change from season to season, so be sure to monitor the trends to avoid looking dated. Classically-styled scarves, hats and jewelry are also smart additions to any wardrobe, as they're pretty much always fashionable.

The main perk of investing extra money in these wardrobe staples is that the quality of items made by reputable designers helps them last longer than an discount store version. Although it's certainly exciting when you score a name-brand label at a discount store, go into the purchase with your eyes wide open. It's well known that design houses often make one line of clothing and accessories for high-end stores and another, lower-quality set for discount retailers. Experts insist that the telltale sign often lies in the tag. Generally speaking, glued-on tags are the norm in discount stores, whereas the high-end versions will feature tags that have been stitched into the clothing. When it comes to shopping, the old adage, "you get what you pay for" is as accurate as it gets. So if you're longing for longevity, you might want to pay a bit more for the best product.

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