The Ultimate Family Household Goods Shopping List

Linens and Laundry Care

Every family needs linens. Sheets, pillows and blankets are essential for a good night's sleep, and towels are kitchen and bathroom necessities. Of course, it's important to keep these items clean and sanitary, so it's critical to stock your laundry room with plenty of detergent and bleach. The following list includes linens and laundry care items that are essential for every household:

  • Bed sheets: Every bed needs fitted and flat sheets, as well as pillows and pillowcases. During colder months, replace light bed linens with heavy blankets and comforters to keep family members warm. You may also want to consider a bed skirt to cover the space between your mattress and the floor.
  • Kitchen linens: Have a set of towels handy in the kitchen to dry clean dishes and wipe up accidental spills. It's also nice to have a crisp tablecloth, placemats and cloth napkins if you entertain on a regular basis. Last but not least, don't forget to buy a pair of oven mitts to keep your hands protected when draining pasta and other boiling liquids and taking hot dishes out of the oven!
  • Bath linens: Every shower and tub needs a shower curtain to give bathers privacy, and it's necessary to own plenty of bath towels, washcloths and hand towels. Make sure you have several for each family member. Also, place a mat outside the tub or shower to prevent slips and falls.
  • Detergent: Laundry detergent and bleach will keep bed, kitchen and bath linens smelling fresh. You may want to even consider buying an iron and ironing board to keep bed sheets crisp and neat when they come out of the dryer.