5 Ways to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill


Employee and School Discounts

It's perhaps a given that Fortune 500 companies partner with phone service providers to offer their employees steep discounts. But many medium- and small-businesses offer discounts, too, even if they don't advertise those price cuts to employees. Student discounts often go similarly unadvertised.

You simply have to seek out those deals. Sometimes your employer's human resources department can tell you if there are discounts available from specific carriers. In many cases there are, and the savings can drop your costs by 10 to 30 percent every month.

You may learn that you can indeed receive a price break, but only through a carrier you don't currently use. If the savings are significant it may make perfect sense to switch.

Student discounts also go under-utilized because people aren't aware of them. If you're a student, call your phone company and ask for a discount. Be prepared to provide your school email address as proof of your enrollment.