5 Budget Tips for Movie Buffs


Swap It Up!

By the 1740s, the first truly public United States libraries were springing up all over the northeast. Public libraries remain one of our nation's greatest treasures, serving up countless works of art, reference materials and literature to all knowledge-seeking individuals. In addition to books, these days, most public libraries also contain small treasure troves of cinematography. With a bit of patience and effort, movie buffs can gain access to lots of great movies by taking advantage of inter-library loan services.

Libraries aren't the only middlemen when it comes to loaning movies, however. Plenty of DVD exchange and swap services are also springing up. These loan-and-swap sites provide a portal through which people with movies can connect with people who want to watch movies.

TitleTrader, Swap.com, SwapAce and Neighborrow are all sites that let you list books, music and DVD/VHS movies that you're willing to swap. On TitleTrader, when someone requests a title from your catalog, you receive a credit that can be applied toward something you'd like receive. Sites like SwapAce also give you the option of buying and selling.

We've pretty much covered the (legal) ways movie buffs on a budget can find films to watch at home. For the true cinephiles, however, in-home viewing may never take the place of seeing a film on the big screen. Are there inexpensive ways to see films in theaters? Find out next.