5 Benefits of Online Layaway


Debt-free Living

It seems like almost everyone is carrying some debt these days, and at times it might be unavoidable. If you can avoid it, though, by choosing layaway, it's by far the smarter choice -- and not just money-wise.

Carrying debt, whether it's $2,000 or $20,000, is one of the greatest stressors in modern times. It has been known to cause marriage problems, stress-related health problems, and issues like depression and anxiety. The fact that layaway plans create zero debt is more than a money issue; for many, it's a good-living issue. Rather than the weight of a purchase pressing down on you for months (or years), you simply delay the completion of that purchase until you've already paid it off.

When you finally set up that new computer, there is only joy -- no guilt, no stress, no arguments. Just joy and adjusting to a new operating system.

And finally, perhaps the best reason of all to do your online shopping layaway-style ...