10 Tips for Storing Your Bulk Groceries and Goods


Fight Humidity with Proper Storage

Another issue with bulk dry goods is humidity. Moisture can make food spoil more quickly, so it's important to keep things like dried beans, grains, sugar, and flours dry to maximize their shelf life.

The best way to fight humidity is to store your dry goods in air tight containers. That means a plastic or glass container with a tight-fitting lid . Plastic bags will work, but they're more prone to leaks and holes, so a proper container is best. Plus, if you're budgeting, you don't want to spend money over and over on plastic bags when you can reuse your glass and plastic storage containers for years, right?

When you do open your storage containers to scoop out some of those dry goods, make sure you're using a dry spoon or measuring cup. If you don't have a dry utensil handy, pour instead of scooping.

Humidity can do a number on dry goods, but luckily canned food is generally safe from humidity's effects. If you're planning to store food you've canned yourself long-term, though, there are a few safety precautions that you should take. Check them out on the next page!