10 Tips for Storing Your Bulk Groceries and Goods


Keep Pantry Pests Away

Pests aren't much of a concern for canned foods or food you're going to store in the fridge or the freezer, but dry bulk items can be susceptible to those little unwanted diners. If you've ever pulled a bag of flour out of the pantry and found it full of weevils, you know that it's important to properly store your dry goods.

The easiest way to keep pests out of your bulk foods is to avoid storing them in paper. Weevils, ants, and other pantry pests can easily munch through a paper bag to get at the goods inside. Instead, transfer items like cornmeal and flour out of paper bags or boxes and into a glass or plastic storage container for long term storage. Just make sure to label your container with what it is and when it expires. You don't want to think you're adding sugar to a cookie recipe, only to discover that the unlabeled jar you grabbed was full of salt!

Depending on where you live, what you're buying, and where you're planning to stash your food, you may need to consider humidity when you're storing bulk foods. On the next page, we've got some tips for keeping moisture from destroying your dry goods.