10 Tips for Storing Your Bulk Groceries and Goods

Small Spaces Can Store Bulk Food, Too!

If you have a small kitchen, it might feel like bulk foods are out of the question, but this isn't so! True, you may need to skip the flat of tomato sauce at Sam's Club, but you can still get in on the bulk food action at your grocery store's bulk bins.

The key is creative storage. Your pantry may be too small (or even non-existent), but bulk items like grains and beans are pretty, so why not show them off? As long as you keep them out of direct sunlight, it's totally fine to keep your dry goods in pretty Mason jars on a shelf in your kitchen or even the living room rather than in the pantry.

You can also get creative with where you store those bulk goods. Maybe your kitchen is totally full, but is there a hall closet that has some extra space? Once you make sure that your alternative space is away from heat and water sources, you can designate a shelf or two for storing food. Just remember: you don't want to store food and chemicals in the same closet. You'll also want to make sure when you're meal planning that you remember to check that secret stash of food that you squirreled away, so it won't spoil on the shelf.

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