10 Items You Should Always Buy Generic


Makeup and Personal Care

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You'll still look just as beautiful if you choose lower-priced generic cosmetics. moodboard/Getty Images/Cultura RF

From contact lens solution and eyedrops to cosmetics and skin care products, there's no shortage of beauty brand marketing. However, the simple truth is that there are often few chemical differences between name brand and store brand products in this category.

As cosmetic chemist and founder of beautystat.com Ron Robinson explained on his blog, "There are no rules against making an exact copy." This means that many store brands are able to sell nearly identical products for a much lower price than brand names.

Although some products, like anti-aging creams, are patented, the store brand versions are such close replications that Robinson recommends buying and trying them — and returning them if they don't live up to expectations. Walmart's Equate line of health and beauty products, for example, is regularly singled out for its quality, and other store-brand generics can be as inexpensive as they are useful.