10 Items You Should Always Buy Generic


Cleaning Products

A lot of advertising dollars go into making us think the newest floor cleaner, bleach detergent or dust repellent is going to start a cleaning revolution in our homes. We'll never believe how easy it is to keep a clean house, now that we have Product X!

And it's possible. Truly innovative products do comes along now and then. But the majority of the cleaning products aren't really that different from each other, which means that generic products may serve you well.

Bleach, detergents and oven cleaners all come in generic versions, and this can mean saving a dollar or more every time you buy a cleaning product. If you're really feeling thrifty, you could skip the household-cleaner aisle altogether and look into alternative methods of making your own simple cleaning solutions: Most household tasks can be accomplished with vinegar, baking soda and a little time and effort.