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How many ways can you cook an egg?
How many ways can you cook an egg?

Americans like eggs. So much so that we consume 76 billion of them each year. And, like dairy selections, eggs are usually positioned near the back of the store so we have cause to walk by all the other items we might just need. In this case, however, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

As you're picking up a dozen eggs, grab a few things to make a meal with eggs as the main ingredient. For example, you could whip up an egg sandwich using a poached egg, a baguette, a bit of ham and an ounce of two of cheese. Or try your hand at scrambled eggs with toast. Or eggs with a side of pancakes. Or hard-boiled eggs with a salad. You get the picture: There are plenty of options, and a dozen eggs could turn into several meals. After all, eggs are packed with protein and several other essential nutrients, and cost less than $2 for a dozen.