Top 10 Groceries Americans Buy


Salty Snacks

What's TV-watching without some salty snacks?
What's TV-watching without some salty snacks?
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For many of us, snack food is a staple. We know it's not right, and if we ever get cast on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," we'll be the first to give it up. In the meantime, it's a safe bet our cupboards will never lack a bag of cheese puffs, pretzel sticks or highly seasoned cereal concoction. So it only makes sense we're going to grab some salty snacks as we zip through the grocery store ($8 billion of them, according to 2009 U.S. sales estimates).

Before you reach for the rows of snacks loitering on aisle end-caps, however, keep this in mind: They are probably not on sale (even if they appear to be). Your best strategy is to make a complete U-turn and head down the aisle. There, you'll find a bevy of snacks to tempt your sticky fingers -- and you might even find a few that really are a bargain. If you're into empty calories, that is.