Top 10 Groceries Americans Buy



Silly shoppers, cereal's not eye candy. Except it is. That's because the shelves housing colorful cereal boxes are often directly across from the candy section. While we search for our favorite cereal (which is usually moved to a new location that forces us to spend additional time scanning shelves), any accompanying kiddos can simply turn their backs and find a wall of candy ripe for the picking.

Even if we convince them to focus on their cereal selections, they'll opt for the brands at eye-level. So it's no accident the sugary, heavily advertised kids cereals are on lower shelves. Kind of explains why we're spending more than $6 billion annually on ready-to-eat cereal, doesn't it? If you're in a money-saving mood (and who isn't?), look for off-brands in bags, not boxes. Or buy a canister of oatmeal. It's not sexy, but it sure is good for you.