Top 10 Groceries Americans Buy

Nothing beats a fresh loaf of bread.
Nothing beats a fresh loaf of bread.
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If you've ever spent a pleasant hour in a neighborhood bakery-café, it's a relatively simple matter to understand why this restaurant segment is experiencing sales growth upwards of $4.3 million annually. After all, even with all we spend on restaurant starches, we still buy about $10 billion worth of fresh bread and rolls at grocery stores each year.

Whether filling our carts with fresh bread is a financially savvy move to avoid pricey bagel breakfasts or panini lunches -- or is simply meant to satisfy an in-home need for a menu staple -- bread is at the top of our shopping lists. And, because cheese and wine is probably penciled in, too, we've got the makings for a fine way to woo our tastebuds. Until our next trip to the market, that is.

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