10 Easy Ways to Save Money


Saving on Entertainment

Almost any information you want is available free, and up to the minute, online. Those magazines all over the house that you insist you'll read one day? You won't. Call and cancel your subscription today, and get a refund on the undelivered issues. They already have your address; now all they need to do is send you the check.

What about those little red DVD envelopes? How often do they sit around collecting dust because you don't have time to watch them?

Or the health club membership? If you don't have time to use it as much as you'd like, it's just costing you money and making you feel guilty. Hit the streets for a walk or run, get out in the sun with some friends or use the park's exercise equipment. You don't need to pay for a bunch of machines you aren't using anyway.

We all love to buy new clothes, eat delicious food, hit the spa or see a rock band from the front row. But those things are called luxuries for a reason and should be purchased in moderation. You deserve to feel special and to treat yourself! Just make sure it's something you really want, and try to spend your money on experiences you'll always remember.