10 Things You Can Do at an ATM Besides Draw Cash


Pay a Bill for a Relative

With the idea that immigrants to the United States send billions of dollars home every month, Tio Networks recently launched partnerships that would allow people to use kiosks in the United States to pay utility bills for relatives in Latin America.

This is a twist on an old idea to provide convenience -- at $4.95 per transaction -- to a population that needs easy ways to help faraway relatives.

The idea of paying bills at an ATM is nothing new; it's been tried in the United States. Luria says that a few years ago, a company tried a pilot program to allow people to pay utility bills at ATMs set up in 7-Eleven convenience stores. "That never took off in the U.S.," he says. "Maybe consumers had a hard time thinking of 7-Eleven as a place to pay bills."