10 Things You Can Do at an ATM Besides Draw Cash


Use a Smart Phone

Is the smart phone the new wallet? Before long, it may erradicate the need for an ATM card.
Is the smart phone the new wallet? Before long, it may erradicate the need for an ATM card.
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Eventually, according to Luria, the little card we stick into the ATM will go the way of the cassette tape and the Walkman. The smart phone will become the new wallet. "You'll be able to use a phone at an ATM," he says. "Instead of putting your card in to identify yourself, you wave your phone in front of the ATM."

Virtual banking is already making its way in the business. In Philadelphia, you can already deposit a check by phone -- without going near a machine.

But for those who need to use the actual machine, the time is coming when your accounts, your identity and your preferences will all be packed into your mobile device."I think, in general, it'll help save money," Luria says.

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