What does comprehensive auto insurance cover?

Author's Note

When I lived in Atlanta, it wasn't out of the ordinary to hear ambulances and fire trucks rumble by my apartment complex, sirens blaring. The road adjacent to my apartment complex connects the downtown and college areas to a major hospital. It was unusual, however, for medical and fire personnel to stop their big rigs right outside my window in the middle of the night. So when I realized one night that the fire engine whose siren penetrated the walls of my apartment like they were papier mâché was not moving, but rather parked alongside my apartment complex, I figured I should see what was going on. When I left the apartment and descended three flights of stairs to the outdoor parking lot, I realized that I was trapped. A heavy rain had flooded the entire lot and the water was rising into the living rooms of first floor units. Twenty-five or so cars had also been swept up in the flood and were floating around the lot like unmanned bumper cars. One of them was my relatively new Honda Civic. It's a good thing that I had comprehensive auto insurance.

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