5 Weird Auto Insurance Claims: You'll Have to Read It to Believe It


A Mattress That Caused a Three-Car Pile-Up (And More!)

In December 2011, Seattle news outlets reported a bizarre story involving a mattress and a three-car pile-up. Apparently, a couple -- a man and a woman -- had failed to tie their mattress securely to the top of their SUV. As they were driving on I-5, the mattress loosed itself from its moorings and landed in the middle of the highway, causing a three-way crash.

As two good Samaritans stopped to help, the female driver hopped back into her SUV and fled the scene, leaving her male passenger to deal with the aftermath. Shortly thereafter, one of the good Samaritans also left. A few miles down the road, however, he spied a man's head "bobbing around in the backseat." It turned out to be the male passenger from the mattress incident, who had stowed away, hoping to escape the accident scene undetected [source: Komo News]!

As ludicrous and laughable as that police report must have been, the three innocent passersby whose cars were damaged in the accident were probably not amused. To protect yourself from liability in crazy incidents like this one, be sure to invest in uninsured motorist coverage.

Next up, we introduce one at-fault driver whose incredible misfortune resulted in three separate insurance claims.