5 Unusual Things that Raise Your Car Insurance Rates

You're Single

Married people seem to have all the luck. Statistically, they live longer. Plus, studies show married people (and, incidentally, anyone with a solid credit rating) are much less likely to get into accidents or incur other driving violations than their single counterparts [source: J.D. Chapman Agency, Inc.]. Furthermore, if a married person does get into an accident, it's likely to be less costly than one a single person would be involved in. Not surprisingly, some insurance companies react to these statistics by hiking the rates of their single clientele, regardless of their driving history [source: J.D. Chapman Agency, Inc.]. Who's coming out on top in terms of insurers' risk assessments? Well, the lowest risk group, it seems, is comprised of married, middle-aged women who don't smoke [source: All Insurance Info].

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