5 Unusual Things that Raise Your Car Insurance Rates


You Hit the Big 5-0

It can be bad enough on your psyche to turn 50, but your insurance company may make you feel more like you're 80 when your rates rise, because now you're considered an "older" driver who's more prone to accidents [source: Casey]. Not every insurer raises rates for those age 50 and older, but it's certainly not an uncommon practice. Which is interesting, because according to stats from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the safest drivers are between 64 and 69 years old [source: Woodyard]. Of course, there's a little more to it than that. While older Americans in general are very safe drivers -- they tend to wear their seatbelts, for example, and typically don't drink and drive or text and drive -- those in the 85-plus age group have more crashes per mile driven than any other age group [source: NHTSA]. Bottom line: if you're over 50, it may cost you.