10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Car Insurance


How will you value my car?

The value of a given car is an issue too many people overlook. Always wanted that cherry-red sports car or vintage model? Well, you've got a little extra cash now, so go for it! Or are you reveling in the fact that you snagged such cheap wheels at the salvage yard? Everything is great until your insurance agent informs you that the cost of insuring your fancy hot rod will be double the rate of your stodgy sedan -- and you realize you didn't calculate that into your budget. Or your agent says your junkyard jalopy's origins are unclear, so it's actually uninsurable. Oops. Before you purchase any vehicle, find out its value, then do at least a cursory insurance check to see if you can afford both the car and the insurance [source: Cars Direct]. Maybe that sedan wasn't so stodgy after all ...