10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Car Insurance


Do you offer any discounts?

Pretty much every insurer offers a raft of discounts, but don't assume your agent will automatically give you the ones you qualify for. You often have to inquire about what discounts the company offers, then ask to have the ones you're eligible for applied to your account. Discounts (sometimes called credits) are commonly given for having certain safety features in your car, such as a car alarm or air bags; for having a clean driving record; for having a "good student" (generally a child up to age 23 or 25 who earns at least a B average in school); and for purchasing other types of insurance from the same company, generally homeowners and umbrella insurance. In addition, some companies will give you discounts for things like regularly parking your car in a garage, owning an eco-friendly hybrid vehicle, belonging to a recognized professional organization, and even for graduating from a specific college or university. But again, to get the savings, you have to ask [source: Zeman].