10 Sources of Unclaimed Money

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How to Write a Check

How to Write a Check

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Author's Note: 10 Sources of Unclaimed Money

Thank goodness for my wife. If left to my own devices, my finances would be in shambles. The woman hates being the family budget master (mistress? goddess?), but she knows better than to trust our family's financial recording keeping to the guy who can't remember the name of our bank. My dad occupied this role for an embarrassingly long time, well into my early professional career. He was the one who would remind me to roll over a 401(k) when I left a job, and convince me to sign up for automatic transfers from my checking account into a savings account. Now my wife is the unfortunate soul who has to nag me to document my business expenses and dig crumpled receipts out of my pockets. When each month draws to a close and I see her hunched over our overspent budget — shoulders tensed in deep frustration — I do my best to show my undying appreciation and affection for her difficult task. Tender caresses are usually useless, but brownies are surprisingly effective.

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