How Promoting an Online Business Works

Getting Listed with Search Engines

In order to get listed with search engines, you'll need to submit your site to them. Yes, those search engines that crawl sites may eventually find you, but remember that they either follow links or go to sites they've been told about. If there aren't any links to your site, then they may never crawl it. So, submit your site and submit it often, since so many new sites are created and crawled every day that many other existing sites are dropped every day. To submit your site to a search engine or directory, go to its home page and look for a link (usually at the bottom of the page) that says something like "add a site," "add a link," or "suggest a site." From there, you will be given instructions on how to go about submitting your site.

There are also services that will submit your site to "hundreds of search engines" -- for a small fee. These are not usually effective, however, and you're better off doing it manually. When you submit your site to search engines, list your keywords and site description, as well as URLs for specific pages within your site (unless the site says it's not necessary). You may have to submit the URL for each of your pages, but it will be worth the effort.