How Promoting an Online Business Works

Getting Traffic to Your Online Business

Some of the ways to bring traffic to your site include:

  1. Use search engines and get high rankings within keyword searches.
  2. Get PR about your site in local, regional or national press.
  3. Create a customer newsletter to keep customers coming back to your site. Encourage readers to pass it along to their friends.
  4. Visit newsgroups and becoming an "expert" in your field to subtly promote your site. With this, as well as the customer newsletter, your goal is not to sell but to become a "voice of authority" by supplying useful information. Your e-mail tag and contact information within your newsletter is what will bring them to your site and sell your products or services.
  5. Run classified ads online.
  6. Generate some informative articles related to your topic and submit them to at least 10 e-zines that reach your target market. Include your business information and site URL in your bio data.
  7. Get more links to your site, both free and paid, through business or consumer product directories and affiliate programs.
  8. Don't forget the power of word-of-mouth (a.k.a. viral marketing).

The biggest payoff will come from listings and rankings within search engines and Web directories, so let's focus on that.