How MapQuest Works

Other MapQuest Applications

MapQuest PND
MapQuest PND
Photo courtesy MapQuest, Inc.

MapQuest offers a number of applications besides generating maps and directions on the Web site:

MapQuest LinkFree

MapQuest lets you link directly to maps and directions on the MapQuest Web site free of charge. So if you have your own Web site, personal home page, or you're just sending out electronic invitations to a party at your house, you can generate a map and directions on MapQuest and then provide a link that people can click on to instantly access the information. For directions on adding MapQuest information to your Web page, see MapQuest: LinkFree.

MapQuest Mobile

MapQuest Mobile is a subscription service that you purchase through your cell-phone provider (see MapQuest Mobile for a list of participating providers and supported phones). For about $4 a month, you can get maps and directions using your cell phone in much the same way as you would on the MapQuest Web site. You can also use the "Send to Phone" button on to send maps and directions to your phone for download and display. Once you download and install the MapQuest Mobile application, your cell-phone provider will automatically start charging you for the service.

MapQuest FindMe

If you have a Nextel cell phone with GPS capabilities, you can download "FindMe" to your phone to see exactly where you are on a map at any time, use the MapQuest local search function based on that location, get maps and driving directions and let other people (of your choosing) know where you are. FindMe is a subscription service that costs about $5 a month. Using the FindMe companion Web site, you can track your location history and decide who gets to see where you are. Go to MapQuest FindMe to learn more.

MapQuest Personal Navigation Device

The MapQuest Personal Navigation Device (PND) is a portable GPS receiver with MapQuest's functions built in, including mapping and driving directions. You can also set waypoints and destinations and check out the built-in points of interest provided by MapQuest. The $700 unit speaks your driving directions (in any of 30 languages and 50 different voices) so you can use it while you're on the road. Check out MapQuest PND to learn more.

MapQuest Business Applications

MapQuest offers commercial products to businesses looking to add local search, mapping and routing to their Web site. These business applications start at $5,000 a year and range from the simple integration of basic MapQuest functions into an existing commercial infrastructure to a complete MapQuest setup physically located within the business itself. See MapQuest Products & Services to learn more.

The increasing number of MapQuest products and services means its getting easier and easier to know where you are, where you're going and how to get there. But there's a small glitch: Sometimes, MapQuest is wrong.