How to Start a Tree Service

One thing you have to remember about starting a tree service business is the seasonality of the work. Early spring and late fall are the times for pruning and thinning trees. Work concerned with trees damaged by strong winds is likely to be in the winter time. While there may be quite a bit of work clearing away trees knocked down by winter storms, the weather itself will make it difficult for you to operate your business. Also bear in mind that you may have to travel in the course of your work. The greater the geographical area you can cover, the greater your chance of getting work [source: Alliance and Leicester].

Here's how to start a tree service.


  • Register your business' name and obtain a business license.
  • Incorporate the business, if you wish.
  • Get a tax identification number from the IRS.
  • Register your business with your state. You will receive a local tax identification number.
  • Check if your state has any licensing requirements [source: Business].
  • Open a business bank account.
  • Get insurance. This business involves operating equipment that has risks attached to it. Accidents can happen, so make sure you have adequate public liability insurance, as well as disability insurance for yourself and your employees [source: UFL].
  • Buy all the necessary equipment, including a truck, ladders, saws, a chain saw, pruning equipment and safety equipment.
  • Decide how much to charge for various services. Make sure your prices are competitive.
  • Advertise your services in the local papers and send out flyers to all the homeowners in the neighborhood. Build a Web site for your business. Effective advertising is vital for any business [source: Alliance and Leicester]. //]]]]> ]]>