Top 5 Volunteer Vacations for Retirees


Help Out Close to Home

Travel is great, but a volunteer vacation close to home can be even better. Here's why:

  • It's cheaper. You save the cost of air fare and accommodations.
  • Arrangements are easier. You can usually organize the vacation on short notice.
  • You can test your preferences. If you don't like restoring an old house or counting migratory birds close to home, you probably wouldn't enjoy a similar project in Timbuktu.

For a volunteer "staycation," all you need to do is put aside your routine for a week or a month and devote that time to a charitable project. You might join crews cleaning up city parks or building playgrounds. Maybe you'll volunteer full-time at a hospital or animal shelter. Or you could spend a holiday week preparing food at a local food bank.

Volunteering close to home also enables you to follow up on your efforts. Form an ongoing relationship with a volunteer organization by pitching in from time to time, or simply walk past a park you helped restore and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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