Top 5 Volunteer Vacations for Retirees


Teach Something

You've spent an entire career building your skills. A volunteer vacation is a great chance to teach others what you've learned. If you can't think immediately of a subject you can teach, think again. English teachers are among the most needed volunteers in countries where English is not the native language. Many students need a command of English as a second language to advance in their education. A working knowledge of English can help others take advantage of economic opportunities available in the tourism and hospitality industries.

English teaching assignments often require little beyond English fluency. Conversation with a native speaker is what language students need most. No need to worry about lesson plans: In many programs, volunteers are paired with trained teachers. Explore your English-teaching opportunities, and you might find yourself spending three months in the spectacular Himalayan foothills, teaching English to Nepali children -- truly a vacation to remember.

Remember: Volunteers are needed to teach many subjects other than English. Spend your vacation teaching music to Maori children in New Zealand, or teach Indian children how to swim -- a critical skill in areas prone to monsoons. Teaching makes for a satisfying volunteer vacation. It's an excellent way to make contact with people in another culture, and you'll probably learn as much as you teach.