How Retired Senior Volunteer Programs Work

Retired and Senior Volunteer Safety

Volunteering through specific retired and senior programs can be a great idea. It allows you to help others while participating in projects that are specifically geared toward seniors and retirees. As a senior citizen and/or retiree, you've reached a certain stage in your life. With that comes life experience that can be extremely valuable to your community. It can also mean that you might have certain health concerns, which could lead you to wonder, "Will I be safe while volunteering?"

By volunteering through a large, organized group like the Corporation for National & Community Service, which administers the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, you can expect certain additional safety measures. As they say, safety in numbers.

What if something does happen to you while you're volunteering? Hopefully nothing will, but if you work through RSVP, you'll likely have a safety net in place. For example, all senior volunteers who are registered and participating in officially sanctioned RSVP events through the Central Iowa RSVP program and the Sacramento County, Calif. RSVP program are covered by special insurance. Whether you are training, heading to or from a volunteer session, or at the volunteering event itself, RSVP provides special insurance for all of its volunteers [source: RSVP Volunteer]. During those times, participants will be covered by supplemental accident insurance, personal insurance and automobile liability insurance to help keep you protected against the unexpected [source: Department of Human Assistance].

To learn about additional benefits of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Programs, read on.