How Does Do Something Work?

Social Networking for Change

A young intern at Do Something was griping to her co-workers about the bureaucracy involved in getting a project off the ground for her school's community-service club. She complained that if she were on Facebook, she could post an idea and have a ton of feedback within minutes.

Do Something was listening.

The concept of social networking over the Internet is nothing new, but harnessing that energy for social good is a relatively new endeavor. Do Something began promoting Do Something clubs on Facebook and MySpace, and within months, it had spawned 56 different Do Something clubs across the nation. Today, Do Something is the official charity of Facebook.

Do Something understands the value of these social-networking sites. People are more inclined to get involved in a project if they hear about it from someone they know -- or in this case, from someone they know online. Since users organically clump together with other users who share their interests, it gives the recommendation more weight than it might have coming from someone outside the group.