How Does Do Something Work?

The Web Site

NASDAQ salutes Do Something's efforts and the Karma Tycoon game
NASDAQ salutes Do Something's efforts and the Karma Tycoon game
Image courtesy Do Something

Everything Do Something does, it does online. The Web site, located at, is the "one-stop shop" for young people passionate about changing the world. Each section is its own "cause kit" with over 20 pages of information, including news articles, statistics, fundraising ideas, and more. Each month, different causes are featured prominently on the Web site with PSAs and front-page exposure. But Do Something uses its Web site for more than just posting information. It wants to get young people involved.

First and foremost are the forums -- message boards dedicated to specific issues such as global poverty, teen homelessness, and drug abuse. These forums are places where informed and interested young people trade stories and ideas and receive inspiration and information. The truth is, some of these issues are so massive it can be hard to wrap your head around them. Did you know that more than one billion people in the world live on less than $1 a day? And a cup of coffee at Starbucks costs $2. How do you even begin to get a handle on that type of disparity? You may not know the answer, but it's a good bet that people have some great ideas waiting for you in the Do Something forums.

An important aspect of the Web site is its ability to match up volunteers with the organizations that need them. The site breaks down the issues into a series of causes. Find a cause you like, drill down into that section, and you'll often find links to organizations that are looking for people like you to donate their time and energy. Or you can simply browse through a list of current projects to find something happening right now that you can get involved in. And if Do Something doesn't have the information you seek, odds are it'll point you to the people who do.

Another highlighted feature on the site is the game Karma Tycoon. This is a simulation where you run a not-for-profit organization dedicated to a cause of your choosing. You try to help as many people as possible, apply for grants, enhance your organization, and keep a monthly budget. Do well, and your karma will rise until you're a true Karma Tycoon.