How Does Do Something Work?

The One-Stop Shop for Causes

In many ways, Do Something is like a huge shopping mall of social causes. It’s always open, even on holidays and weekends, and you can find just about anything you want inside. Feel like doing something for the environment? Take the escalator up to the environmental-causes section. More worried about school violence? Turn left past the food court into the school-violence section to find out how you can make your school safer. With so many options, you WILL find a cause that "fits" you perfectly in the Do Something mall. And if you've never volunteered before, that’s no problem. The people at Do Something are experts at welcoming newcomers into the fold. They'll hold your hand and give you tips, things to consider, and questions to ask the group that peaks your interest.

Conversely, if you have a youth organization doing good work and you need volunteers, there's no better place to find them than at Do Something. Just post information online or on the message boards, and you'll find folks coming out of the woodwork to help.

The reason Do Something seems to highlight every cause you could want is that the causes are, in fact, chosen by you. Remember, guideline number two is "kids decide." Young people are a huge source of inspiration and information for the organization. There's a lot of action on the Do Something message boards, and the action on the boards often translates into action on the ground. Do Something is always expanding its list of causes, staying relevant in its goal to be the complete resource for the next generation of do-ers.

So, Do Something features your cause of choice and helps you find an organization or group in your area working on that issue. What else does it do?


Do Something gives out tons of grants all year long to groups and organizations on the ground, having an impact. But as it’s a one-stop shop for causes, it also features links to other funding resources, including information on a ton of nationwide youth service awards, with eligibility requirements, application dates, and links to the awards in question.