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How the BRICK Awards Work

Bringing the BRICK Awards to Television

The 2007 BRICK Awards Ceremony was held in New York on April 10th. In the past, the ceremony was a standard dinner. People would show up in nice suits and pretty dresses and awards would be handed out like any other banquet or charity dinner. Not anymore.

This year, for the first time, the show aired during primetime television, on the CW Network on April 12th, just two days after the actual event. This year, not content with just being referred to as the “Oscars of youth service awards,” the BRICK Awards will be the Oscars of youth service awards.


The decision to put the BRICK Awards on television was, in many ways, a reaction to the creation of celebrities who were famous for being famous, and little else. Airing the ceremony on the CW introduces millions and millions of people to a new type of celebrity, and it gives the Winners an experience they will never forget.

Once the BRICK Awards decided to air the ceremony, the question of which network was easy. The youth viewership for the CW is huge: it has more viewers in the target youth demographic than even MTV. The CW is also a new network. This is the first time the BRICK Awards have been on television, and it's the first awards show to air on the CW.

Not content to simply put on the show and hope for the best, the BRICK Awards was produced by Alex Coletti. Coletti has produced a number of previous award shows and Super Bowl half-time shows, and has a knack for creating memorable moments. Remember the kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards? What about the unforgettable Aerosmith/ NSYNC Super Bowl half-time show in 2001? Coletti produced both shows.

Coletti agreed to produce this year's show after attending the 2006 BRICK Awards ceremony. He was blown away by the power and inspiration of the young people who were being honored. Coletti’s involvement will make the 2007 BRICK Awards relevant, edgy and instantly recognizable.

Singer LeAnn Rimes, who is the International spokesperson for the Children's Miracle Network and also involved with The Giving Hearts Foundation and Coalition to Salute America's Hereoes, hosted the show (past hosts have included Anthony Edwards and Jimmy Fallon). Mandy Moore dazzled the crowd with her first public performance of her new single "Extraordinary" and Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional rocked the crowd with "Stolen". These two performers are also stand-outs for their advocacy. Moore is involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation which support kids with cancer, and Carraba raised tens of thousands of dollars for Hurricane Katrina relief.

The ceremony, naturally, ran longer than the time allowed on the CW, so outtakes and extra content will be available on the Web site ( after the show.

The Future of the BRICK Awards

The 2007 BRICK Awards Ceremony has been in development for over a year. So, some in the organization are already looking towards the 2008 Awards. They are talking to potential sponsors, getting ready to start accepting applications, and bouncing ideas back and forth. Mostly, they are waiting to see what happens with this year's show. Moving the show to television is a huge step, and only after the show has aired will they be able to sit back and look at what worked and what didn’t.

But there's one thing they promise for the 2008 BRICK Awards: It will be even bigger.

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