How the BRICK Awards Work

What They Win

All 12 BRICK Award Winners receive $10,000. Winners 18 and under get a $5,000 scholarship and a $5,000 grant to support their project or organization, while Winners over the age of 18 receive the entire $10,000 as a grant for their cause. Add the $15,000 that the four Golden BRICK Award Winners receive, and four incredible young people walk away with $25,000 in grants and/or scholarship money. This means the BRICK Awards distribute $180,000 in total in one night. The BRICK Awards have awarded over $1.5 million dollars through 2007 via grants and awards since their inception in 1996. And it just keeps getting bigger.

In addition to the grants and scholarships, BRICK Award Winners receive lots of free support and recognition, some pro bono legal services and an invitation to the BRICK Awards Ceremony in Times Square.

And that's not all. In the spirit of helping turning these amazing young people into the rock stars of social change, the BRICK Awards are working on some amazing and unique methods of promotion for the Winners and Finalists to get their faces and stories out to the public, to help to make these inspirational young people household names.

The Susan Sarandon Roll Up Your Sleeves Award

In addition to the 12 BRICK Award Winners, two of the remaining Finalists received the Susan Sarandon Roll Up Your Sleeves Award, which comes with a $2,500 grant. The award came about in 2007, for the first time, thanks to Sarandon's birthday. Her friends wanted to do something special for her, and Sarandon, who had presented at the 2006 BRICK Awards, suggested that they contact the BRICK Awards and look into getting involved. The result was the creation of an award that allowed two more Finalists to walk away with a little more help, recognition, and funding for their cause.

Celebrity Honorees

The 2007 BRICK Awards also recognized Lance Armstrong for his Livestrong Foundation, which raises funds for cancer research and advocacy, and Petra Nemcova for her Happy Hearts Fund, which benefits children affected by natural disasters. Each Celebrity Honoree received $10,000 for their charitable organization.