How the BRICK Awards Work

The Judging Process

With the instruction from the previous day echoing in their heads, including tips on what the judges would be looking for, the 24 Finalists arrived on day two for an intensive round robin of judging, interviews and photo opportunities.

If you thought processing a thousand applications to find 24 Finalists was difficult, imagine cutting the number down to 12. These 24 Finalists are the best of the best. They've already accomplished so much, but now it was time to tell half of them that they didn't make the final cut.

The selection committee had some very specific questions in mind when they started the interview process:

  1. Has this Finalist already helped a lot of people?
  2. Is there the potential to go even bigger and have an even greater impact?
  3. When it comes down to it, is this person the top young leader in his or her field?

Each of the 24 Finalists participated in three different interview sessions with three different judges, including quite a few members of the BRICK Academy -- past BRICK Award Winners. The judges then got together and shared their thoughts, observations and initial recommendations. Over the course of the next few days, the merits of all 24 Finalists were debated until the judges reached a consensus. Finally, they selected the 12 BRICK Award Winners of 2007.