How to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

Setting Clear Goals to Improve Teamwork

Office meeting.
Workplace teams should always have clear goals in mind.
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A team without a goal is like a house without a frame -- it will simply fall apart with the slightest nudge. Every company, whether it produces cars or television shows, should have a clear goal in mind. Individual teams must understand what that goal is, and know their role -- both individually and as a group -- in accomplishing it.

Keep all goals posted somewhere highly visible in the office. Refer back to them whenever team members start losing sight of what's important.


To accomplish your goal, the team must have the right tools. At the beginning of the project, create a list of everything you'll need -- in terms of both staffing and resources.

Set up a results-oriented structure that encourages the team to achieve its goals. For example, the goal of an IT team in an advertising agency might be to upgrade the design equipment so the agency can launch a new social media campaign. The goal of an architectural firm might be to design and complete a new office building. Set up a list of tasks that will lead you to your final goal, with specific deadlines to accomplish each of these tasks. Make sure each team member commits to finishing each task on schedule.

Accountability is important in a team goal setting. Members need to understand that each of them will be personally responsible if the team succeeds -- and if it fails. Members who slack off need to bear responsibility, and those who excel should be recognized. Have a clear and obvious method in place for measuring the team's success.