How Leadership Training Works

Leadership Activities

Activities can be a fun, relaxed way of discovering your strengths.
Activities can be a fun, relaxed way of discovering your strengths.

There are some things you can do to begin the process of leadership training. Your Leadership Legacy is a book that also has a Web site, and its authors offer speaking engagements. The main page features a Leadership Style Assessment test -- not strictly adhering to Lewin's three categories, but offering more specific styles of leadership that highlight some of the test taker's personal attributes in the workplace. Another online resource is MindTools, which has an entire page devoted to leadership training activities, articles and assessment tests.

If you're interested in activities for you and your co-workers, there are a number of Web sites that offer free activities and games aimed at building better communication and relationships within the group, something that all leaders should strive to improve. The activities can range from role-playing exercises to physical challenges.

Even if you have no desire to become a leader in your working environment, a lot of these activities and articles can help you recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, they can help you better understand the people who lead you, and how you might better relate to one another. And who knows? Maybe all of this will make you realize you really do want to be an inspirational, dedicated leader in your workplace. If that's the case, use this information to kick-start your dreams and find the right leadership training course for you.

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