How Leadership Training Works

Leadership Training Courses

Courses in leadership usually focus on organization and communication.
Courses in leadership usually focus on organization and communication.

Leadership training courses are as varied as the companies who use them. Countless organizations have developed leadership training programs, and as in all things, some are good and some aren't. Leadership training programs also take a lot of different forms, so rating them against one another is not always possible. The training program you should choose depends largely on your learning style, and also what you (or your company) are able to afford.

Unsurprisingly, online leadership training courses have gained popularity over the last several years. With the economy still struggling, online courses allow an individual to participate without spending time and money on travel expenses. Cornell University is one educational institution that has directed some of its resources into online courses. Their classes cover a wide range of topics in the field of leadership and management, from budgets to strategic planning. You can take individual classes or enroll in a certificate program, which requires a combination of different classes for completion. In-person workshops have long been a popular venue for leadership training. Companies like Twenty-First Century Leadership offer a variety of seminars, as well as custom in-house programs commissioned by organizations. Some courses follow a lecture curriculum, while others teach leadership skills in the context of outdoor challenges or role-playing. There are lots of options for every kind of learner.

Again, all leadership training courses are different, but there are some common themes usually found across the spectrum. Here are some examples of those themes:

  • how to deal with different types of people
  • how to build communication within your team
  • how to remove the obstacles that stop you and your team from doing its best work

Now that we've looked at the different options for leadership training courses, let's talk about the different types of leaders.