10 Job Interview Tips


Don't Discuss Money

Until you've been offered the job, it's often best to defer all money discussions. Ideally, a job interview should focus on whether you're right for the position. It's not uncommon, though, for interviewers to bring up money. Be ready to handle the questions.

If you are asked for your salary history, tell the interviewer you would rather not discuss it at this point. Try to bring the discussion back to your qualifications. If the interviewer asks what salary you expect in your new job, explain that you are looking for a good fit with opportunities for advancement. If you name a figure at this point, you might either price yourself out of the job if your number is too high, or unnecessarily limit your negotiating position if you name a lower salary.

Tell the interviewer that you are happy to talk about the salary after a job offer is made. Say you are confident that a highly regarded company such as this one will offer a competitive salary. If the interviewer insists you give a figure, mention a salary range in the higher end of what you expect the job will pay. Let the person know you are willing to negotiate a final figure when you know more about the job duties and benefits.