6 Careers With Great Benefits


Personal Assistant

"This is networking. I'm networking." Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images
"This is networking. I'm networking." Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Being a personal assistant is certainly not the easiest job in the world. Many assistants are on call 24/7 — some even live with their bosses — and have to put the needs of the boss above their own. They also make a median hourly wage of $14.74 — not terrible, but not great when you consider how demanding the role can be [source: PayScale]. This job requires patience and the ability to jump into service at any time. However, if your boss is a high-powered executive or even a celebrity, the side perks of the job can be pretty sweet — while you last.

Personal assistants have incredible opportunities to network and move up the ladder, as they communicate with other important people on a daily basis. You can develop invaluable communication skills and, in terms of finding a silver lining underneath all the demands, learn how to work with difficult people. You may get access to perks "regular" people don't, like fancy restaurants, red carpet events, film festivals and executive benefits like car services. Many assistants also travel with their bosses on business trips or vacations. These may be working trips for you, but if you're lucky you might get some time to yourself to take a breather and enjoy your surroundings. You'll seldom have to pay for your travel expenses on these trips, either.